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Safe Software FME Desktop v2019 19174 LINUX DEBIAN X64-空間數據轉換軟件
FME Desktop 2019是由加拿大Safe Software公司最新出品的一款專業級空間數據轉換軟件。主要用於各類數據的重構和轉換,支持超過250多種不同空間的數據,具有操作簡單,轉換速度快,轉換質量高等特點。FME Desktop允許您從數百個來源輸入數據並輸出數百個,將數據從A轉換為B,執行複雜的企業集成或簡化繁瑣的任務。該系統包含了475多個數據轉換器,使您可以完全控制數據的內容,結構和樣式。 此外,沒有工具能夠更好地處理空間數據的複雜性。與其他任何解決方案相比,它解決了更多格式的空間數據轉換挑戰,使專業人員更容易解決數據互操作性問題,並幫助他們的組織實現業務目標和所需標準。

Safe Software, makers of FME, the leading spatial data transformation technology, announced that the latest (Official Release) versions of its core technology, is now available. FME is an easy to use, yet immensely powerful spatial data translator and processor.

About FME Desktop. Format-to-format data conversion doesn’t need to be time-consuming. A smart alternative to writing code, FME Desktop makes converting data between multiple formats quick and simple. Just point and click to create graphical data flows which move your data.

FME Desktop lets you input data from hundreds of sources and output to hundreds more. Convert data from A to B, perform complicated enterprise integrations, or simplify a tedious task. It's all easy with FME.

FME Desktop also includes 475+ data transformers, giving you complete control over the content, structure, and style of your data. Plus, no tool is better able to handle the complexity of spatial data.

About Safe Software Inc. Safe Software Inc. is the maker of FME and the global leader in spatial data transformation technology. FME makes it possible to transform spatial data to use and share. It solves more spatial data transformation challenges across more formats than any other solution, making it easier for professionals to solve data interoperability headaches and help their organisations meet their business goals and required standards.
Today, FME is the dominant technology for spatial data transformation. It powers FME Desktop and Server software and the solutions of more leading spatial data application vendors than any other technology. It's used by tens of thousands of customers worldwide across a wide range of industries.

Product: Safe Software FME Desktop
Version: 2019.x
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Language: english
System Requirements:  Linux
Supported Operating Systems: here