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Moody Photoshop Panel 1.1.2 Multilingual Win/MacOS-圖片調色修圖PS插件
Moody Panel是PS的一個調色插件,可以一鍵給圖片增加很漂亮的顏色,同時也可以對圖片的曝光度等自動調節

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Moody Photoshop Panel is a panel for Adobe Photoshop that helps the user to give a perfect and professional color in just one click. Its technology allows it to adapt to any type of photos, any kind of photography can put in Moody difficulties. If you have a photo underexposed or overexposed no problem. Moody before applying any effect, it's a color or contrast, automatically recognizes the exposure giving it the best mix between light and mood. Make your photos unique!

From now just one click to give the right mood to your photos, whether you are sad or happy, no matter! We say enough to the hours spent at the computer to try to recreate an effect, thanks to hundreds of Moody advanced filters you will always find the right concept for your photos ... effortlessly!

The simple and clean design allows the user to have a unique user experience and simple.

The user experience is also dictated by the order of the effect divided into four categories.

Moody also has a menu to have made settings tailored for you.

Its functionality revolves around a click! Just search the hundreds of effects and click to apply it!

Thank moody colors we can choose the dominant color and sharpness that is most pleasing to our picture, these filters use a special technique that is just hitting the affected areas without giving too strong dominant.

With advanced techniques, these filters affect only and exclusively the lights in a photo, so if a picture is lacking of light as the best way to give life?

This section uses real filters, which, thanks to the ILC Technology (image light control) improves, in contrast, exhibits or darken your photos whatever it is the situation. You have a dark photo? Well, you apply the filter by illuminating and vice versa. This section also works on special highly sought mood today!

B & W
Filters that apply the technique of black and white in various solutions, from darker to lighter and fluffy!
Release Notes:

- May include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.
Moody is compatible with:
- Photoshop CC2014 (V.15), CC2015, CC2015.5, CC2017, CC2018 +
- Windows and macOS are both supported

Moody Photoshop Panel 1.1.2 Multilingual (Win/macOS)