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Web Link Validator 5.9 Build 593 Enterprise Unlimited Multilingual 網站分析工具
web link validator 破解版是款功能強大的網站分析軟件;它可以對網站的質量進行快速的檢測,也支持對網站上面的鏈接進行快速的檢查,支持對拼寫進行檢查,並且可以對得道的報告進行導出的操作;通過這款軟件,可以支持對連接的可用性、準確性進行檢查,而且也可鏈接不上或者斷開的鏈接進行查看,包括了各種語法的錯誤。

Web Link Validator is a powerful site management and link checker tool that helps webmasters automate the process of web site testing. The software performs a thorough analysis of Web site pages and includes the following checks: finds broken links (including those using JavaScript and Flash), orphaned files, HTML coding and spelling errors, slow-loading, outdated and small-sized pages.

The software performs thorough analysis of a Web site: finds broken links (including those using JavaScript and Flash), orphaned files, slow-loading, deep, outdated and small-sized pages.

The program can access HTTPS resources and password-protected pages, and work via a proxy server. Reports about the checked pages are presented in a clear, easy-to-read layout, and can be saved in HTML, TXT, RTF, CSV or MS Excel formats. The powerful system of filters enables the in-depth research of any occurring problems.

Other Web Link Validator features include the ability to check the local copy of your web site and plain text URL lists, individual settings for each site, and a customizable interface. You can also use Web Link Validator to check your browser's Favorites (the program is compatible with Internet Explorer, Opera and Mozilla).

Web Link Validator is the essential solution for site administrators, web developers, e-businessmen - all those who want to maintain the quality of their web sites and improve customer experience by keeping track of broken links and checking the accuracy of HTML code.