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RegexBuddy 4.9.0 Retail-正則表達式工具
該軟件可以編譯由其它軟件編寫的複雜的正則表達式。使用純英文模塊代替標準的 Regex 語法。在樣本行和文件上測試任何規範的表達式,防止在實際數據上發生錯誤。通過分步完成真實的匹配過程來進行調試而不是單憑猜測。可以在你的自動地調整為 C#, VB.NET, Java, C, C++, Delphi, Perl, PHP, Python, Javas cript 和 Ruby 特殊細節的帶有代碼摘錄的源代碼當中使用 Regex

JGsoft RegexBuddy 4.x Retail | 

RegexBuddy is your perfect companion for working with regular expressions. Easily create regular expressions that match exactly what you want. Clearly understand complex regexes written by others. Quickly test any regex on sample strings and files, preventing mistakes on actual data. Debug without guesswork by stepping through the actual matching process. Use the regex with source code snippets automatically adjusted to the particulars of your programming language. Collect and document libraries of regular expressions for future reuse. GREP (search-and-replace) through files and folders. Integrate RegexBuddy with your favorite searching and editing tools for instant access.

Learn all there is to know about regular expressions from RegexBuddy's comprehensive documentation and regular expression tutorial.

* Discover how you can automate tedious tasks with regular expressions.
* Find out how RegexBuddy makes the regex syntax crystal clear enabling you to use regular expressions with the greatest ease ever.
* Watch self-running demonstrations in your web browser and see what RegexBuddy can do for you.
* Take a look at the screen shots.
* Buy RegexBuddy now and try it risk-free with our 3-month unconditional money-back guarantee.

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