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IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2019 v21.0.0.15711-設計協作套件
IronC A D 設計協作套件是一組功能強大的專業人員和需要創建並編輯 2 D 和 3 D 模 型的設計工程師設計的工具。它將為您提供所有所需的使你的想法成為現實的工具。應用程序將貨物預報信息系統和 PARASOLID 模擬引擎,克服傳統的 3 D 應用程序的限制的優點結合起來。它的目的是為您提供對模型的總控制,並刪除所有的設計限制

Windows x64 | 

IronCAD, a leading provider of design productivity solutions, announced their product release which includes substantial improvements for customers working in the fabrication and assembly sector. Among the noticeable developments are Sheet Metal specific improvements, enhanced smart design capabilities that make it easy to add intelligent rules plus the brand new Mechanical add-in that offers increased utilities for design operations.

The new sheet metal improvements retain the speed, ease of use, and renowned in-place design behaviors but now offer the ability to create more complex bending operations with a new sketched bend command. Additionally, users have the ability to import and use sheet metal data from customers or suppliers as if it were native to IronCAD. The ability to intelligently use non-native geometry dramatically improves customer flexibility and increases productivity. With more powerful bend handling and better lofting profiles for accurate sheet metal manufacturing, IronCAD users can now tackle the most complex fabrication challenges.

IronCAD launches a new and advance offering of Smart Design tools such as the Smart eBehavior which provides customers with the ability to dynamically drive designs based on optimized product configuration and assembly fit and function. Typically, configuration systems build rules and variables at the part level and are complex engines with a fixed number of variations. IronCAD's Smart eBehavior works with how products are actually configured at the assembly level allowing engineers to work with content, but also permits customers and other stakeholder's access to IronCAD's data. Engineers can build intelligent assemblies that adjust and move according to built-in rules. IronCAD's catalog system further accelerates the design process by enabling reuse of typical components for new product designs. Customers and sales teams can directly configure 3D data to meet customers' requirements and can even communicate new suggestions. In addition to speeding up the production process, the IronCAD interoperability process is secure since all data is returned to the engineering team for conversion to real-world production data.