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ACDSee Photo Studio Professional 2019 v12.0.0.1132 x64 中英文註冊版
ACDSee Photo Studio Professional 2019 可以將您對攝影的熱情傳遞到照片的每一個像素,讓您的照片呈現出最好的效果。同時,ACDSee Photo Studio Professional 2019可以輕鬆實現數字資產管理,RAW圖片編輯,和數百種無損調整圖片的功能,提高您的圖像製作效率。這個擁有GPU的ACDSee 系列產品之一,可以幫助您快速完成圖像管理和編輯流程的所有基本任務。

ACDSee Photo Studio Professional 2019經得起時間考驗,並且它還會繼續不斷強大功能讓您的作品有更加驚豔。基於照片增強和管理解決方案增加的一系列令人印象深刻的新功能,如參數調整和濾鏡,特定畫筆和選擇,讓您創造屬於自己的佳作。

在沖印模式下執行多種參數調整,特別是RAW文件下,允許您創建調整指令,而不是調整像素本身。專為處理 RAW、JPEG 和其他圖像格式。利用各種“編輯”模式工具,通過瞄準圖像內的特定顏色和色調,選擇性地調整像素。甚至針對皮膚色調!將“像素定位”和“編輯畫筆”結合使用,以獲得最精準的編輯。當批量修改只能包含少量調整時,您可以使用ACDSee操作來記錄和批量應用於編輯模式中高達200以上的任何調整。


基於元數據、文件屬性、日期、事件、關鍵字、等級、顏色標籤和GPS位置查找圖像。建立和保存詳細的搜索,輸入單個詞或短語,只搜索特定的文件夾,或用快速搜索欄找到特定的圖像。將評級、分級關鍵字、類別和位置數據添加到圖像中。用可視標籤或可定製顏色標籤快速識別照片進行進一步處理。即使固定色差,也可以通過 ACDSee 編輯模式下鏡頭扭曲校正來校準解決固有使用的鏡頭扭曲的桶形和枕形失真的照片。通過智能調節太亮或太暗的區域獲取HDR結果。 由我們的專利調光技術提供支持,您可以即可減輕陰影並減少亮點。

ACDSee Professional 2019 is only available in 64-bit.

Added RAW support for the following camera models:

Canon EOS 2000D (EOS Rebel T7, EOS Kiss X90, EOS 1500D)
Canon EOS 4000D (EOS Rebel T100, EOS 3000D)
Nikon 1 S2
Nikon Z7
Panasonic FZ-83
Panasonic LUMIX ZS200 (DC-TX2, DC-TZ200, DC-TZ202, DC-TZ220, DC-ZS220)
Pentax K-S2
Pentax KP
Sony A7 III (ILCE-7M3)
Sony RX100 VI (DSC-RX100M6)
ACD Systems is committed to releasing regular updates to support RAW files from new camera models, as they become available. View the complete list of supported RAW formats.

New Features

Face Detection & Facial Recognition: automatically identify faces and assign name to the detected faces
Develop mode brushes now include Vibrance, White Balance, Color Overlay, Color EQ (Saturation, Brightness, Hue, and Contrast), and Tone Curves
Improved Convert to Black & White tool in Develop and Edit mode: can increase or decrease the contrast of each individual color, and specify the brightness range that the contrast adjustment will target
Import and apply Color LUTs in Edit mode
Support for HEIF: decodes this high efficiency media container format for images and image sequences.
Auto Advance: adding metadata prompts ACDSee to automatically advance to the next image
Develop Settings pane: displays adjustment settings made to your images in Develop mode
Import and export Develop and Edit mode presets
Import and export ACDSee Actions
Luminosity Selection: creates selections based on the brightness in images
Customizable keyboard shortcuts in Manage mode

Improved Curve control
Added Process drop-down menu in Manage mode
Increased the number of cells in Quick Categories and Keywords table
Doubled the Exposure range in Develop mode
Doubled the Highlight Enhancement range
Improved brush panel workflow in Develop mode
Added Smart Erase to Repair tool in Edit mode
Added an extra brush in Develop mode
Added Adjustments tab in Print dialog
Added AutoSave in Edit mode options
Added option to resize by percentage in Batch Export
Added support for underscore as separator in Import dialog
Added ability to undo/redo individual sliders in Develop mode
Known Issues

Actions Browser can only be invoked in one instance of ACDSee Manage mode.
Drag and drop from mobile device to Windows Explorer does not work but dragging and dropping from mobile device within ACDSee is supported.
In some cases, on Windows 7 and 8, when camera is connected to computer via USB cable, Import tool may fail to display media files and will not copy them. In these cases, we recommend copying items from these devices to your computer with Windows Explorer, or import media through card reader.
.acdc format is not supported in Develop mode.
Text/Watermark shows incorrect preview in certain scenarios.
It is recommended that you restart ACDSee after importing a Lightroom database.

ACDSee Actions created in ACDSee Professional 2018 and Ultimate 2018 are supported in ACDSee Professional 2019 and Ultimate 2019.
ACDSee Actions created in Professional 2019 and Ultimate 2019 are backwards compatible with ACDSee Professional 2018 and Ultimate 2018, as long as the features used were available in ACDSee Professional 2018 and Ultimate 2018.
Not Supported

ACDSee does not preserve layers when editing PSD and TIFF files.
Compressed Fujifilm X-trans RAW and DNG are not supported.
IPTC metadata is not supported for HEIC files.