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VMware Horizon 7.7 Enterprise Edition + Client 4.10-桌面虛擬化架構軟件
Horizon VMware7破解版是領先的軟件名稱和高效的應用程序虛擬化和桌面您。該軟件能夠通過您提供的軟件環境為連接和桌面虛擬化,所有軟件應用程序和在線服務創建條件。該軟件能夠將桌面靜態(靜態桌面)安裝到安全的環境中,並以數字方式轉換用戶需求。強大的產品組之前的軟件,當然,VMware眾所周知,無論你需要什麼樣的產品都需要虛擬化。VMware Horizon 7版本7.7和VMware Horizon Client 4.10現已推出!由於有許多新功能和增強功能,我們根據企業認為最有價值的優勢對其進行分組。即便如此,我們也無法將它們全部放入。

Horizon VMware , the leading software Name and efficient in application virtualization and desktop you. This software is able to create conditions for connection and desktop virtualization, all software applications and online services through a software environment you provide. The software is able to Desktop static (static desktops) to a safe environment and digitally convert user requirements. Software before you powerful product groups and, of course, VMware is well known that whatever product you will need to virtualization included.

The creators of this software also believe that product before you fully comply with existing legislation and also ensure the security of your data.

The software is designed in such a way before you accurate and incredible performance in the field of virtualization leaves. The creators of this product claim that this software is the easiest and fastest way is virtualization. You can also use this software, your imagination and your data guarantee the security of information

Features and VMware Horizon:
-Benefit from a convenient interface and is engineered for user convenience
-Be very careful and extraordinary performance in the field of virtualization
-Available in both Linux and Windows
-Management and full access to the software is provided
-Benefit from smart policy with simple access
-Simplifying authentication on all desktop services
-The software comes with strict compliance with the integrity of the data center, such as vSphere, vSAN and NSX
-Data security is guaranteed by the software and information you.

System Requirements:
-Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Standard/Enterprise/Datacenter (x64)
-Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard/Datacenter (x64)
-Windows Server 2016 Standard/Datacenter (x64)
-Windows Server 2019

Hardware Recommended:
CPU:2GHz or faster and 4 CPUs
Network:1Gbps NICs
Memory:8GB RAM or higher for deployments of 50 or more remote desktops
Disk space:60GB
Whats New:

VMware Horizon 7 version 7.7 and VMware Horizon Client 4.10 are now available! Because there are so many new features and enhancements, we’ve grouped them according to the benefits that enterprises find most valuable. Even so, we couldn’t fit them all in. (Several sets of release notes are required for the complete list.)
Compatibility Updates and New OS Support:
-Windows Server 2019 is supported for desktop and RDSH server VMs.
-VMware vSphere 6.7 U1 and VMware vSAN 6.7 Update 1 are supported.
-Horizon 7 on VMware Cloud on AWS (SDDC Version 1.5) is supported and includes new features.
-Upgrades can now be performed on the Horizon 7 Cloud Connector virtual appliance. This appliance is used for integrating the Horizon Cloud Service with Horizon 7 on-premises and VMware Cloud on AWS deployments.
-VMware Virtualization Pack for Skype for Business can now be used in an IPv6 environment.
-Horizon Clients include support for recent OS releases, including macOS 10.14 (Mojave) and Android 9.1.

Management Console Improvements:
-Horizon Console (the new HTML5 console) additions:
-You can now use the new Horizon Console to add manual desktop pools and View Composer linked-clone desktop pools, as well as attach, detach, edit, and delete persistent disks used for linked-clone desktops. Previously, performing these tasks required using the classic, Flash-based management console, Horizon Administrator.
-On the Machines page, you can quickly identify when someone other than the assigned user is connected to a VM. Rather than having just one column called User, there are now two columns: a Connected User column and an Assigned User column. This feature is also available in Horizon Administrator.

Horizon Administrator (the classic console, which requires Flash) enhancements:
-The System Health dashboard now displays details about registered VMware Unified Access Gateway appliances, for version 3.4 and later.

-The name of the Connection Server pod is now displayed in the title bar and on the browser tab.

-Help Desk Tool enhancement:
Administrators can end an application process for an end user. The event database logs the action, including details such as the date and time, desktop or application name, pool name, and administrator’s name.

Scalability Enhancements:
-You can use a single vCenter Server instance with multiple pods in a Cloud Pod Architecture environment.
-The number of servers an RDSH server farm can contain has increased from 200 to 500.
-vMotion support has been added for linked-clone desktop pools and automated desktop pools that contain full virtual machines.
-vMotion support has also been added for vGPU-enabled full-clone, instant-clone, and linked-clone VMs.

Security and Reliability Features and Improvements:
-With the new clipboard audit feature, Horizon Agent records information about copy and paste activity between the client and agent in an event log on the agent machine.
-You can add a Virtual Trusted Platform Module (vTPM) device to instant-clone desktop pools and add or remove a vTPM during a push-image operation.
-TLS 1.0 is now disabled by default in all clients.

User Experience Enhancements:

-Blast Extreme enhancements:
-You can now use the Blast Extreme display protocol to access physical PCs and workstations. Some limitations apply.
-Available for Windows clients, Blast Extreme HEVC (H.265) video coding support doubles the data compression ratio at the same quality, or improves quality at the same bit rate, as H.264.
-Requires an NVIDIA GRID environment with NVIDIA hardware encoders and client devices whose hardware supports HEVC for decoding.

For Windows client devices:
-When client-drive redirection is enabled, users can drag and drop files and folders between the client system and remote desktops and published applications.
-For example, users can drag multiple files and folders at the same time, or drag a single file into an open app to insert the text into the app, or drag a single file to Outlook to add it as an attachment.
-The new VMware Virtual Print feature enables users to print to any printer available on their Windows client computers, similar to the ThinPrint virtual printing feature. But VMware Virtual Print supports client printer redirection, as well as location-based printing, and it persists printer settings that end users configure

For RDSH published apps and desktops:
-Administrators can specify whether users can open multiple, separate instances of the same application on different client devices, or initiate separate sessions to a desktop from different client devices. This feature is called multi-session mode. Requires Horizon Client 4.10.
-On Windows clients, users can assign an RDSH-published application to a single monitor or a combination of monitors.
-A new hybrid logon feature can now be used in conjunction with the unauthenticated user access feature. Unauthenticated access lets users access apps without logging in. Hybrid logon provides users with domain access to network resources such as file shares and printers without prompting for domain user credentials. Requires Horizon Client 4.10.