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教程-Gumroad – Krenz Cushart: Lectures and Onmyoji commission steps
Gumroad – Krenz Cushart: Lectures and Onmyoji commission steps


Part 1 is an one hour long video fully subtitled and divided into perspective, proportion, and structure.
Part 2 continues the concepts of part 1 and talks about shapes and design as well as FAQs with the students.
Part 3 is a full coloring tutorial from beginning to end on how Krenz tackles illustrations from start to finish.

This tutorial includes:

1. Explanation of the theories.

2. Step by step progress with examples and a FAQ with students.

Onmyoji commission steps lectures

Part 1 goes in-depth with Krenz’s thought process, layout, color composition, as well as showing his various attempt at drafting the same piece.
Krenz provides a step by step explanation of his choice of colors and which type of lights were chosen.

Part 2 wraps up the process with detailing the Onmyouji mobile game’s official art. We talk about the color ratio, brightness ratio, the organization of shapes and composition planning of this piece.
As Krenz show you his process to completion of the Onmyouji painting, we have a special FAQ session with the live stream audience where he explains how to create a traditional painting using digital mediums. He goes in depth with different brush usage, the difference between dry and wet brush as well as different brushes he categorized himself.